Let’s talk about the glass bottles for wine (2)

Red wine bottles have been used for so many years and have accumulated a lot of good experience. Below we will analyze some of the characteristics of red wine glass bottles, let us learn together.

The shape of the wine bottle:

1.The Bordeaux Bottle

From Bordeaux, France, the red wines include: Bordeaux, Corat, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Malbec, etc. The characteristics are: (1) High shoulder-Sediment, (2)  Punted bottles-Sediment, (3) Standard bottle mouth is suitable for standard bore for corking, ⑷ Straight sided for storage and ageing, ⑸ Economically stacked, ⑹ Increased in value

2. The Burgundy Bottle

It comes from Burgundy region France, with lighter red wines and white wines Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, etc.

This bottle is equipped with: ⑴Red wines – Green Glass for red wine, ⑵White wines – Flint glass for white wine, ⑶Smooth bottleneck and elegant sloping shoulders deduces the mellow, soft and comfortable taste of low alcohol red wine .

3. The Champagne Bottle

From Champagne region France

This bottle has: ⑴. Sparkling wines (pressure), ⑵. Strong thick glass, ⑶. Recessed or indentation at the bottom, ⑷. Perfect bottle for storing sparkling wines

Bottle neck:

          Each wine bottle has a long neck, and it feels very good to hold this long neck. This long bottle neck is dedicated to cork stoppers. It is well known that wine and cork are inseparable partners, because cork is the best material for wine bottle sealing. The cork is a natural product made from oak bark. It has excellent elasticity and resilience. The natural cork will exchange breath and breathe with the outside air as the wine ages. This is helpful for protecting the wine in the bottle. Very good effect. Cork stoppers generally have a length of more than 40 mm, so the matching glass bottle must also have a straight neck of more than 40 mm.

 Bottle Shoulder:

           The design of the shoulder of the Bordeaux bottle is practical, and the early wine brewing and filtering technology is backward. There are more slags, tendons and peel deposits. Using this square shoulder can block the deposits and collect the deposits of wine residues when pouring wine. Generally, this kind of bottle shoulder will be thinner during the manufacturing process. This is because the paint is easy to accumulate here when the primary mold is oiled, forming a similar insulation layer. As a result, the material blank at the high temperature of the preliminary mold becomes soft, and under the action of the positive blowing of the mold, the molten glass is quickly slipped away, resulting in thin shoulders.

Bottle bottom:

          The bottom of the wine bottle also has a deep upward concave bottom (named Punt). Form the unique “landscape” in the wine bottle. The existence of the recessed or indentation at the bottom of the wine bottle has practical value: (1)Collecting wine dregs and deposits in the wine. When the wine bottle stands upright, the sediment falls on the circular groove at the bottom of the bottle, and it is not easy to be poured out during pouring. Since then, the bottom of the wine bottle has grooves. The existence of the circular groove can make the bottle easy to rotate. Early wines need to be rolled regularly twice to three times a day to trigger the fermentation of the wine . The round groove is used to insert a roller. The round groove can also prevent wine. The bottle exploded. The presence of the groove makes the bottom of the bottle form a triangle, which makes the bottle structure very reliable, and the grooved wine bottle is more stable when placed upright. (2) The round groove at the bottom of the bottle also has the value of etiquette and aesthetics. The formal method of pouring wine abroad is that when the sommelier pours the wine for the guests, he uses his thumb to fasten the round groove of the bottle and the rest of the fingers to stabilize the bottle. In this way, pouring wine is professional and elegant. (3)In the stacking and transportation of wine bottles, the cavities of the previous bottle and the next bottle will not roll, which is convenient and stable and safer. (4)Because the bottom of the bottle is concave The surface area of the wine bottle in the tank is larger, the area of its cooling contact is also increased, and the wine cooling rate will be faster.In summary, the upward groove on the bottom of the wine bottle has both practical value and beauty.


           At the beginning of the 14th century AD, the Archbishop of Bordeaux was promoted to the position of Pope by the King of France. After he took office, he planted grapes and made wine here. Promoted the development of the local wine industry and the rise of fame. But counterfeit wine is also increasingly rampant. So the Pope brewing industry designed a special embossed wine bottle, using the Pope’s triple crown and key as the main visual with Gothic words, which greatly increased the overall recognition and noble temperament of the wine bottle. Nowadays, embossed wine bottles made on wine bottles are enduring, and many wineries have their own embossed brands. It is not easy to do this well when manufacturing glass bottles. ⑴ When the pre-mold blank is reheated, its surface crust should be softened moderately so that the molten glass can be “embedded” in the pattern of the mold. ⑵The pattern and text on the mold must have a certain depth, and the mold must be repaired. Pay special attention to the venting holes at the embossed pattern must be kept unobstructed, so as to make the pattern on the bottle protrude and the text full and clear.

 Modern improvement and innovation of wine bottles

            Diversification of capacity: In order to meet the needs of different groups of people, bottles with various capacities such as 180, 200, 250, 560 and 1500 ml have been developed.

Seasonal: (Seasonal): Christmas and other special festive bottle shapes,

Low prices and expansion of sales (Low prices / Volume Sales) Pursue the simple shape of the sales volume,

Female: Its capacity, color and bottle shape are all adapted to the requirements and hobbies of women,

Specific consumer groups: the words and patterns of marriage, birthday and various celebrations are engraved on the glass bottles, etc.

Tailor-made wine glass bottles (Single Serve),

One of the inventions and applications of new technology: Rotating Cork.Although the corks of wine bottles have been used for hundreds of years, it is not easy to remove the corks from the mouth of the bottle. Must use special tools to operate carefully. The cork of the wine bottle in the picture below not only maintains the advantages of the original cork, but also can be easily removed by rotating the cork. It can be seen from the picture that there is a thread on the inner wall of the mouth of this wine glass bottle.   Someone once said: “A bottle of high-quality wine must be elegant, distinctive and meet safety standards.” It must be slim, traditional, valuable, natural, modern, and assured. Sometimes the wine bottle is in the shape, color, height, shoulder, The Punt, Embossing and Weight etc. A little improvement will increase the value of the whole bottle of wine, which requires the joint efforts of glass bottle manufacturers and wine manufacturers to complete.