Why brown glass bottle is much better for medical package ?

           Everyone knows that the color of medicinal glass bottles is generally brown and transparent, but there are more brown medicinal glass bottles. Do you know the benefits?

Let us briefly introduce it here:

           First of all, the glass bottle can be used to the maximum extent. When the glass is used, there will be no corrosion, which is also recognized by everyone. When choosing a glass bottle, it can play a good effect through its function.


           Different characteristics can be combined in design and in shape. Pharmaceutical glass bottles have certain requirements for the thickness of the glass and the size of the glass bottles. Therefore, its corrosiveness is good, and the fireproof performance that can be obtained is also very strong. Therefore, when choosing a glass bottle, it can be combined according to the thickness of its use and its wear resistance. Therefore, the design will be more reasonable. We can choose different types according to its overall functions and characteristics, and we can also choose different sizes according to our needs.

           The color of the medicinal glass bottle is brown, which can store medicines. Some medicines are invisible and can be put directly into the brown medicinal bottle. The advantage of the brown glass bottle is avoid light, it can also cover the color of the medicine. Some medicines are not good-looking, but the effect is very good. This will make people hate the medicine. Pack the medicine in brown Inside the glass bottle, it looks much better. The reason   why the brown medicinal glass bottle can be used in a wide range is inseparable from its advantages. The advantage is that it can be protected from light.Storage makes the shelf life of the medicine longer and is not easy to expire, and the medicine will not produce chemical effects, so the brown medicinal glass bottle packaging ensures the quality of the medicine.

            Nowadays, many drugs decompose when exposed to light, and react with chemicals, leading to the expiration of many drugs, thus threatening people’s health.So what is the difference between a brown medicinal glass bottle and a transparent glass bottle? Many substances are decomposed by light, so this type of substance needs to be brown medicinal store in glass bottles to prevent the decomposition of these drugs, and keep them in a cool, backlit place. And the white glass bottle contains more things, as long as you don’t see the light decomposes and can be packed in transparent glass bottles without reacting with silica. One of the purposes of using transparent glass bottles is that users can observe before use the state and amount of the substance in the bottle, so it can be prepared for use to avoid possible dangers.